Most Kills in a RoundFantasy with 63 kills in Round 10
Most Targets Shot in a RoundFantasy with 150 targets shot in Round 10
Most Beatings in a RoundFantasy with 462 in Round 10, and Anthony Denaro in Round 13
Most Extortions in a RoundJoJo Krako with 463 in Round 4
Most Robbings in a RoundAnthony Denaro with 443 in Round 13
Most Blown Bizs/housing in a RoundJoJo Krako with 13 in Round 4
Most Arson Hits in a RoundJoJo Krako with 41 arson hits in Round 3
Most Lawyer Cases Won in a RoundIsabella with 17,417 in Round 1
Most Stolen Bizs in a RoundKakia with 140 in Round 6
Highest MVM Rating in a RoundMr Majestyk with 14,514 in Round 15
Most Active in a Roundphoenix with 2,900 in Round 4
Most Earned in a RoundMac Lombardi with $2,147,483,647 in Round 1 and 3
Most Family Earned in a RoundTheCrimeLords with $4,021,124,807 in Round 3
Highest Family Power in a RoundZerelli with 75,269 in Round 15

Tribute to the Fallen
Carl Civella